Independent thinking: Tim Martin’s review of 2019

2019 was the year I reconnected with Americana and remembered what I love about the music. Given that I started writing for AUK this is hardly a surprise. What was a surprise was how many great new artists there are working away in the world of independent releases and just how good many of them are. Continue reading “Independent thinking: Tim Martin’s review of 2019”

Danny Vaughn, The Black Heart, London, 22nd August 2019

If it isn’t a reinvention it is at least a repositioning. Given that Danny Vaughn’s extensive CV  includes melodic rock band Tyketto and a stint with Waysted led by UFO axe man Pete Way, his heritage isn’t obviously grist to the AUK mill, nor necessarily are rave notices in Midland Metalheads (due respect of course). But bear with us on this….. the content and style has shifted notably in his impressive recent album ‘Myths, Legends & Lies‘. His other role with The Ultimate Eagles shows his softer side has always been there so it’s no coincidence that the new material calls to mind recent solo work by real Eagle Timothy B Schmidt. It’s like The Eagles but with a bigger belt buckle and more studs on the jacket or, alternatively, the harder end of the Black Crowes repertoire. Continue reading “Danny Vaughn, The Black Heart, London, 22nd August 2019”