Video: Delta Spirit “Home Again”

Excellent guitar and catchy hooks are a feature, once again, of the latest video from Delta Spirit.  Like the song, the video is warm, uplifting and emotional.  It’s taken from the brand new album, ‘What Is There’, the band’s first full-length release in six years.  The time apart and the effective blending of various influences, such as rock, Americana and psychedelia, has led to a focused new sound on the the impressively consistent album. Continue reading “Video: Delta Spirit “Home Again””

Delta Spirit “What Is There” (New West, 2020)

This is a bit of a surprise. Delta Spirit released their fourth album, ‘Into The Wide’, in 2014 to general critical acclaim and  some commercial success. Since then, vocalist and co-founder Matthew Logan Vasquez has released three solo albums and it was assumed Delta Spirit were no more, though they had not officially announced they had disbanded.  It is not clear why the band have re-activated their career, though their publicity states that they brought “..with them the change of perspective and inspiration gathered from exploring other creative avenues” following their variety of solo work. Continue reading “Delta Spirit “What Is There” (New West, 2020)”

Video: Delta Spirit “How Bout It”

Here is an excellent new single from Delta Spirit.  The video, directed by Michael Parks Randa, really captures the essence of the song and features footage of 30 Americans living in isolation during the coronavirus pandemic. Randa explains: “The result is a celebration of the collaborative spirit of filmmaking, a successful experiment in safely navigating production during the pandemic, and a mosaic of America during this time.” Continue reading “Video: Delta Spirit “How Bout It””