Desert Blonde “Live Slow Die Old” (Independent, 2020)

Started initially in the studio in winter 2020 but ultimately finished in the extended quarantine that 2021 has proved to be this fourth EP from Desert Blonde, a.k.a. Zach Hinkle, reflects that fact. Without the ability to tinker with the sound too much or the temptation to embellish, the resulting EP ‘Live Slow Die Old’ is a laid back, minimalist affair. A definition of isolation and restraint if you will. Continue reading “Desert Blonde “Live Slow Die Old” (Independent, 2020)”

Desert Blonde “It Ain’t Bad (To Be Alone)” – Listen

The funny thing about ‘It Ain’t Bad (to be Alone)‘ is that it was written in the Winter of 2019 as a reaction to city living and the hustle and bustle that that used to entail.  That’s right, this sardonic song is not a Covid-19 lockdown lament, although it perfectly fits that bill.  Oh, the irony. Continue reading “Desert Blonde “It Ain’t Bad (To Be Alone)” – Listen”