Gem Andrews “North” (Market Square, 2018)

I was doing the washing up listening to ‘North’ on my CD Walkman, when I heard Gem Andrews sing ‘there ain’t no such thing as a straight life!’ “Go there, Sister!” I yelled in solidarity, punching the air with my Brillo pad, soap suds scattered everywhere. Losing my rubber gloves, I picked up the CD cover. It transpired the track is actually called ‘Straight Lines’ – (originally a poem written by Julia Darling) – as in ‘there ain’t no such thing as a straight line’. Gem, I think you’ll find that my Technical Drawing teacher at school, Mr Ravenscroft, would have something to say about that! He’d usually bellow, “Fitzgerald! You blithering idiot! Can’t you even draw a straight line?” Before hurling his metal ruler like a javelin where it would -DOINNGGGG!!! – as it dug deep into the drawing table, all of a quiver. Continue reading “Gem Andrews “North” (Market Square, 2018)”