Ian Noe, Omeara, London, 3rd February 2020

There must be something in the water in Kentucky given the proliferation of independent americana music performers from there in recent years. As proof, there’s not just well established acts such as Chris Stapleton, Sturgill Simpson, Angaleena Presley and Tyler Childers, but also up and coming artists such as Kelsey Waldon, Eric Bolander, Korey Rose, Jeremy Pinnell, The Local Honeys and Dillon Carmichael. To this impressive list,  Ian Noe deserves to move towards the head of the queue as he was responsible for one of the best debut albums released in 2019, or any other year for that matter.  Continue reading “Ian Noe, Omeara, London, 3rd February 2020”

Ian Noe brings his debut ‘Between the Country’ to the UK

One of the albums of 2019 for many people was Ian Noe’s ‘Between the Country’. Folk rocker, Ian Noe, is a former oil rig worker from East Kentucky, but he’s also something of a storytelling genius – each of his 10, self-penned songs on the record having something special to impart – many of them vignettes of small-town life and character studies, its subject matter ranging from a train crash (‘Barbara’s Song’), a bank robber on the LAM (‘Letter to Madeline’), a serial killer (‘Dead on the River’), alcoholism (‘Irene {Raving Bomb}’) and drug abuse (‘Meth Head’ and ‘Junk Town’). Continue reading “Ian Noe brings his debut ‘Between the Country’ to the UK”