Sounds from beyond the Shed – Week 59

There always a price for a good time..

Half term been and gone.

So it came and went in a flash and left a nasty sting in the tail, but while it lasted half term was a thing of joy. Most of it spent en plein aire with either family or complete strangers just kicking back and laughing. There is a certain mindset that takes over when on the road in the trusty Pierre. You rock up to somewhere, throw open the side door stick the kettle on and you are on holiday. It doesn’t matter if the skies are dark or the ground is muddy – for whatever reason the holiday instinct takes over and beer tastes sweeter, food tastes better, books are more engrossing and pleasures are simpler and more easily accessed. Don’t ask me why.

This sense of all pervading bonhomie really explodes at a festival where one of the greatest pleasures is sitting, shooting the shit with complete strangers. The sense of communion and community despite disparate backgrounds and life experiences is one of the main reasons I return again and again. Friendships are forged on an annual basis, contact details are not kept or sourced but the genuine delight at reunion is extraordinary.

A great half term.

The sting in the tail… Covid returned to remind me that despite all appearances to the contrary particularly in school it is still about and still pretty nasty.

Spent a fair bit of time in bed with the aforementioned and Michael Head‘s new one was a constant source of comfort, so glad too that Liz Frazer is making music again with Sun’s Signature – let’s see if any old heads recognise the guitarist on this track and someone new to me from my son in law for my birthday Ian Noe.

As ever take what you need or want.

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