Jeff Karoub “Breathe for Those Denied” – Listen

Jeff Karoub has completed his lockdown project ‘Isolation Hymns‘, which he’ originally conceived as a four-song EP.  It’d cover some of the feelings and observations from the global health emergency.  And then things developed in the USA in ways that no-one had imagined, as spark after spark was lit for a completion of the equalisation of civil rights.  And Jeff needed another song. Continue reading “Jeff Karoub “Breathe for Those Denied” – Listen”

Jeff Karoub “All I’ve Got” – Listen

You’ve got to hate Jeff Karoub, listening to his new song ‘All I’ve Got‘, written as a response to the current situation and recorded at home with just his guitar and a few music app additions.  It’s a sympathetic and directly honest interpretation of a lot of what people are going through – fears, not just of disease but isolation, anxiety, financial concerns.  It’s a little gem. Continue reading “Jeff Karoub “All I’ve Got” – Listen”

Exclusive AUK Mini-Gig: Jeff Karoub

It’s been great to see how artists of all genres have responded to these strange times with live streams, house concerts and collaborations over the internet.  Here at AUK, we have been regularly publishing ‘mini-gigs’ from some of our favourite artists, who have recorded themselves performing songs exclusively for us.  For today’s show, we have Detroit singer-songwriter, Jeff Karoub. Continue reading “Exclusive AUK Mini-Gig: Jeff Karoub”

Studio Life – Jeff Karoub

Singer-songwriter, Jeff Karoub, has spent a life immersed in roots music in various forms.  His father played for the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and Motown Records and Karoub has inherited those musical genes.  He recently released a new album, ‘Pieces Break’, which is a melodic collection of soulful folk songs.  Read the full review here. Continue reading “Studio Life – Jeff Karoub”

Jeff Karoub “Pieces Break” (Independent, 2019)

Jeff Karoub was brought up around Detroit, home of Motown, by a musical father and was immersed in roots music of different genres from a young age. On his new album, ‘Pieces Break’, Karoub is clearly influenced by that musical heritage, developing his soulful-folk and Americana sound. He sings about tuning the car radio: “Every song sounds the same and no-one wants to sing anymore,” reflecting a modern and common sense of disenchantment. In contrast, Karoub seems to make a conscious effort to ensure his songs and vocals are imbued with the best traditions of past singer-songwriters. Continue reading “Jeff Karoub “Pieces Break” (Independent, 2019)”