Video: John Blek “Empty Pockets”

‘Empty Pockets’ is the new single from John Blek.  It’s taken from the Irish singer’s latest solo album, ‘The Embers’, which was released on 7th February.  Of course, the embers are all that’s left after love burns out.  Blek has an ear for a beautiful melody and this song showcases his gently engaging vocals and fabulous fingerstyle guitar technique.  The video for ‘Empty Pockets’ is well-produced and thought-provoking.  Well worth checking out. Continue reading “Video: John Blek “Empty Pockets””

Static Roots Festival, Zentrum Altenberg, Oberhausen, Germany, 12-13th July 2019

It’s festival season for sure as hordes of music fans pack both wellies and sun cream as they head off for a weekend of unbridled fun. Be it the massive set up at Glastonbury or the rootsier confines of Maverick there’s plenty to choose from but for sheer unadulterated Americana joy then one need look no further than this unassuming spot in Germany’s Ruhr district, the small, post industrial town of Oberhausen, home to Static Roots. Now in its fourth year, Static Roots has grown from an initial invite only event to being sold out for the first time with several hundred fans gathered together in a converted zinc factory to see and hear 13 acts, most of them surely familiar to readers of AUK. There’s no corporate funding, no kowtowing to fashion, the line up purely a reflection of the festival’s director’s musical tastes  which are somewhat impeccable. Continue reading “Static Roots Festival, Zentrum Altenberg, Oberhausen, Germany, 12-13th July 2019”