Letitia VanSant “Circadian” (Independent, 2020)

Circadian Rhythms are the natural cycles that occur, “Within a period of wakefulness and sleep, of light and darkness”, and it is this that informs Letitia VanSant’s latest collection of songs.  On first hearing they sound like they are more straightforwardly about relationships; starting with, ‘You Can’t Put my Fire Out’, relating the story of an abusive male; continuing with ‘Tin Man’, an account of yet another man having difficulties with, and the expression of, his emotions.  Farther into the album, we have themes of broken dreams, regret for things not done, laments for the complexity of modern life, loss of faith and the poisoning of VanSant’s father with Agent Orange. The title track, ‘Circadian’, explores the disruptions of modernity on the natural world and the loss of a simpler previous existence.  “The music the world made before / We drowned it all out with these machines”. Continue reading “Letitia VanSant “Circadian” (Independent, 2020)”

Letitia VanSant “Gut it to the Studs” (Independent, 2018)

Giving up a career in social and environmental advocacy to take up music full time paid off for Baltimore based VanSant when she won the Kerrville New Folk song writing competition joining the ranks of previous winners such as Lucinda Williams and Nanci Griffiths. ‘Gut it to the Studs’, her first album since permanently switching on her out of office email response is a powerful collection of intimate songs buoyed by a superb band who can wax and wane as the songs demand. Continue reading “Letitia VanSant “Gut it to the Studs” (Independent, 2018)”