My Morning Jacket “John Dyes Her Hair Red” – Listen

This previously unreleased song by My Morning Jacket has been shared as a taster for the 20th anniversary release of ‘The Tennessee Fire‘ which has been beefed up to a full 2CD Deluxe Edition with all 16 original tracks and 16 previously unreleased demos, outtakes, alternate versions and more. Continue reading “My Morning Jacket “John Dyes Her Hair Red” – Listen”

Jim James does a tiny but beautiful desk concert for NPR

Well we leave you this week dear readers with one of those lovely little desk concerts (concerts you can watch at your desk) from NPR, this time featuring My Morning Jacket’s Jim James who does three tunes including ‘I’m Amazed, Same Old Lie’ and the politically astute ‘Over and Over.’ As NPR put it, “After 20-some odd years of putting out music, Jim James is full of fervor and compassion for others as he sings, “How can we make / The same mistakes / and still carry on / Living the same we did yesterday / Have we learned nothing at all?“” Have a good one.

Jim James “Uniform Distortion” (ATO, 2018)

Here I stand / goin’ through the motions with the mic in my hand,” so begins the lead-off track, ‘Just a Fool’ from the new aptly-titled Jim James album, ‘Uniform Distortion.’ Like many these days, James feels he’s going through the motions by spending too much time on his phone / online / “on the grid” – a feeling that is drawing more and more of us back to the concept of vinyl, physical books, and magazines.  This feeling is part of what led James to a thrift shop where he happened upon a copy of The Whole Earth Catalogue.  Continue reading “Jim James “Uniform Distortion” (ATO, 2018)”