What should I do, Americana UK ?

We entered, as you’ll doubtless recall, on this quest to determine whether music has the answer to all our problems with a sense of optimism tempered with realism.  Today’s concern is one of those knotty problems of the Gordian type.  Patrick Gubler, of P.G. Six, approached us with a stream of queries, one of which at least we interpreted as being euphemistic.  After the split it seems that he’s still thinking about the girl, “If the sweet the words that you say to your lover are the same I can’t hang on you the blame,” which is a healthy response, but – and here comes the euphemism – he’s really worried about dancing.  Or, as he asked rhetorically “I wonder if you dance, are your eyes fixed on each other in romance?Continue reading “What should I do, Americana UK ?”

Interview: Nils Lofgren

Nils Lofgren, one of the world’s great guitarists, is a musician’s musician. He has shared a stage or a recording studio with the likes of Neil Young, Crazy Horse, Lou Gramm and Ringo Starr and for over 30 years he has been a key member of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band. Lofgren’s latest solo record is a fascinating project, built around a set of songs co-written with the fabulous Lou Reed. Continue reading “Interview: Nils Lofgren”

Nils Lofgren, Cambridge Corn Exchange, Cambridge 24th May 2018

Joseph Quever

Nils Lofgren near-solo – he’s accompanied tonight by multi-instrumentalist Gregg Varlotta – is a very different thing from what one might imagine from his “day job”. Shortly before heading off for his UK tour celebrating fifty years on the road Nils Lofgren could be found blasting it out alongside Neil Young in a reconvened Crazy Horse. Nils Lofgren is, of course, a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer for his long tenure in the E-Street band. We’re talking rock royalty here, and yet solo Nils Lofgren is relaxed in his own multi-instrumentalist abilities and self-effacing to the point of being humble. Continue reading “Nils Lofgren, Cambridge Corn Exchange, Cambridge 24th May 2018”

Nils Lofgren has UK tour in May

Joseph Quever

Nils Lofgren has announced a fifteen date tour of the UK in May this year. Sticking firmly to his “hardest working man in rock” reputation this is an epic sized tour that will be complete in just seventeen days. Guitar master, singer-songwriter, celtic harp player, tap-dancer – these are all things that Nils Lofgren is. The flip ? No, the passing years have called time on the flip. He’s had to just grin and bear it. Continue reading “Nils Lofgren has UK tour in May”