Home Life: Pozzi

It seems now more than ever musicians and songwriters are really entering the political arena with a newfound passion to get their voices heard and to call out those they see as charlatans, hate mongers and liars. Boston born yet L.A based Pozzi pulls no punches on his new single, ‘Tyrant’ a really heartfelt examination of abuses of power, oppression and the harm that causes. Taken from his upcoming debut LP scheduled for August,  Pozzi has drawn comparisons to the likes of Wilco and Jeff Buckley – you can certainly hear a similar rise and fall of emotive power, for sure – and has put together a real thoughtful song here that offers both hope yet total honesty in these dangerous and uncertain times.  A-UK caught up with the young songwriter and asked him how the current political unrest and racial unease in America has shaped his songwriting and what music is currently pushing his buttons.  Continue reading “Home Life: Pozzi”