Video: Sergeant Buzfuz “There’s Idiots, Then There’s Idiots With Money”

The latest video from Sheffield’s Sergeant Buzfuz is the opening track from the brand new album, ‘Fox Pop’, which was released today, 3rd July.  The video features video chats, lockdown performances and the empty streets of London.  Songwriter, Joe Murphy, says the song,  “…is about me imagining I’m attending one of those Mansion House dinners where the Chancellor gets summoned to report to the City.”  When he sings, “I want to punch someone in here // I count to ten and get as far as five,”  we know what he means.  It’s upbeat, foot-tapping stuff.  And there’s a flute solo.  Enjoy.

Video: Sergeant Buzfuz “Theresa McKee”

This lively new release from Sergeant Buzfuz tells the story of a pregnant factory worker.  It’s an immediately engaging, upbeat, foot-tapping burst of energy.  Acoustic guitar and mandolin shimmer brightly on the first single from their upcoming album, ‘Fox Pop’, due out on 3rd July.  This will be the seventh album from the Sheffield seven-piece band and, on this showing, it will definitely be one to look out for in the summer.  ‘Fox Pop’ is the first full album for five years and promises an exciting blend of genres.  Song-writer Joe Murphy has crammed a lot of life experience into those five years