The Phil Langran Band “The Distance” (Folkwit Records, 2018)

There’s a scene in Werner Herzog’s film My Best Fiend when the head man of the Machiguengas tribe, who have been cast in the film Fitzcarraldo, after witnessing yet another of Klaus Kinski’s frequent, apoplectic hissy-fits, goes to Herzog and asks in all seriousness, if he would like his warriors  to kill Kinski for him. Herzog says, “No, for God’s sake! Leave him to me. I still need him for shooting.” It’s unlikely that such an episode has ever happened to PhilLangran; if perhaps, an unruly band member has exhibited Kinski-style histrionics, because Langran, a massive Herzog aficionado himself, keeps a very steady hand on the tiller. If Phil had been captain of the SS Molly, it’s very unlikely it would have floundered on the Pongo rapids, the way it did under Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald’s (no relation) stewardship. Continue reading “The Phil Langran Band “The Distance” (Folkwit Records, 2018)”