The Restoration “You Know What to Do” – Listen

The Restoration released the album ‘West‘ a few weeks ago, and today’s Track ‘You Know What to Do‘ is the lead song on the album.  And from the first notes it is clear that The Restoration are not just another folk-influenced roots-rock band.  ‘West’ is a concept album that tries to untangle the dysfunctional family background of  The Restoration’s frontman Daniel Machado’s father.  Continue reading “The Restoration “You Know What to Do” – Listen”

The Restoration “West” (Independent, 2019)

The Restoration describe themselves as an “indie, folk roots outfit” from Columbia, South Carolina. In fact, they are primarily the working vehicle for songwriter, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Daniel Machado. ‘West’ is a deeply personal album centred around Machado’s father David. The songs explore a father’s dysfunctional upbringing and the impact on his relationship with his own son. If all that sounds hard going, well, yes it is. The words ‘concept album’ tend to have a similar effect on this reviewer as those equally trepidatious words ‘drum solo’. Nevertheless, headphones were donned, prejudices put to one side and mind opened up. Continue reading “The Restoration “West” (Independent, 2019)”