The Bacon Brothers “Erato”

Forosoco Music LLC (BMI), 2022

A blend of folk, rock, soul and country influences is what the Bacon Brothers call “Forosoco”.

artwork for The Bacon Brothers album "Erato"A blend of folk, rock, soul and country influences is what they are all about and is the genre-bending sound the Bacon Brothers call “Forosoco”. In true Bacon Brother’s style, this five-song EP, ‘Erato‘, the brothers’ eleventh release, delivers a diverse range of dynamic contrasts: quiet moments and big payoffs. But, over just five songs, this perhaps makes it a directionless collection. Nevertheless, it showcases their musical and songwriting prowess. And, as Kevin himself admits “We’re not beholden to a specific sound. We just write the songs and let them point us in the right direction.”

Ordering songs on an album or an EP can be critical and, given the diversity of appeal in this case, it is well chosen. ‘In Memory (of When I Cared)‘ is the only co-write on the EP (Kevin Bacon, Michael Bacon, Desmond Child & Void Stryker) and is a powerful opener. The quality of vocals, musicianship and production make it immediately obvious we are in incredibly safe hands. The electric guitar solo is perhaps a little over the top for the song, but otherwise, it is a hugely dramatic start.

Dark Chocolate Eyes‘ (Kevin Bacon) is totally delicious. What a beautiful song with its soulful, beguiling chorus. It could be The Eagles. But why compare would be a more than valid question. The Bacon Brothers are what they are. They are an extremely talented, versatile duo. Both songwriters, frontmen and multi-instrumentalists, who let the music take them on their journey.

After such a delight, perhaps ‘Let Me Happen to you Girl‘ (Michael Bacon) takes a slight dip. The previously unused instrumental was originally composed, by Michael, for a TV show. It has a bright, carnival sound but, as a song, is less sophisticated than ‘Dark Chocolate Eyes‘. Nonetheless, the production and performances are faultless.

The title song, ‘Erato‘ (Kevin Bacon), is quite a raucous call for help to the Muse of love poetry. It is perhaps incongruous that a call for help to write a love song would have the duo descend into teenagers in the bedroom-style guitar breaks, but so be it. Members of the brothers’ long-time road band feature on ‘Erato‘, whilst several first-time collaborators contribute on other songs.
The EP closes out with ‘Karaoke Town‘ (Kevin Bacon). This is a deep, dark song. A collaboration between A-list actor Kevin and his producer son Travis, showcasing the supreme talents of both yet, at the same time, unfortunately not really delivering a particularly meaningful or memorable tale.

All in all, there seems to be no end to the talent of both Michael and Kevin Bacon. They blend incredibly well together but would perhaps benefit from more quality control on lyrical content and consistent finesse.


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