The Grahams “The Wild One” – forever, we hope

Photo: Alex Berger

The Grahams are marking a decade with a new eponymous album out September 8th which revisits songs from their back catalogue, reshaping and reimagining them through the prism of experience.  It’s a decade which saw a trilogy of  concept albums from 2013′ debut ‘Riverman’s Daughter‘, followed by 2015’s railroad-inspired ‘Glory Bound‘ and concluding in 2020 with ‘Kids Like Us.‘   The new recordings honour the duo’s Americana roots but also aim to bring something new to the party.  On ‘The Wild One‘ the main new element is shimmering backing vocals from indie pop group Lucius.

” ‘The Wild One’ is part biographical, part fiction and part mantra,” shares Alyssa Graham. “The original version served its purpose and was often our opening song at concerts to remind ourselves of what we’ve lived and what’s important. When reimagining this song, we wanted to focus on the lessons in a more light-hearted and fun sonic arrangement and steer clear of the overdramatized story. After all, it’s just music and if we’ve learned anything over the past three decades together it’s to never let our hearts grow old and never let our love grow cold.”

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