The Huguenots “Heyford EP Remasters 2021”

Independent, 2021

Huguenots ep heyford art

Remastered 2014 debut reaffirms need for new material.

Huguenots ep heyford artFive tracks by the duo who received a fair amount of attention for their EP released earlier this year entitled ‘Post Christmas Lullaby’. These were originally recorded in 2014 and features singer-songwriter Bayley Pike and multi-instrumentalist Tom Fleming. It starts with a jaunty banjo-driven number ‘Get Back To Me‘ which is pleasant enough but doesn’t really get under the skin despite several rotations; this is followed by the slightly mellower ‘Boom, Boom Times’ which although lyrically interesting again fails to impact beyond a passing interest. As the EP progresses the vocals begin to grate as the voice is often struggling to hit the notes and lacks a charm to get away with it. ‘The Beehive’ is a song about a local pub and ‘Easy Loving’ is a nice enough love song but both sound cobbled together after a few pints and the final track ‘The Way Around Your Heart’ although instrumentally different is a muddled thrash with some harmonies chucked in.

I’m not sure why this has been remastered, I’m sure the original had a charm but following their earlier mentioned EP this seems a backward step. New material please!


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