The Sundogs “Embroidered Rose”

Independent, 2021

Lee and Will Haraway and their Sundogs come up with one of the better Americana band outings of the year so far.

As both Don & Phil of the masterful The Everly Brothers are now no longer here, many Americana fans have started asking the question  – was there ever something that could be called harmony-laden Americana Pop?

With the resounding yes as the answer, here come another set of brothers, Atlanta Georgia’s Lee and Will Haraway and their band The Sundogs with their fifth album ‘Embroidered Rose,’ but not only to prove that point.

Whether The Everly Brothers were an inspiration for the Haraway boys is possibly not a question that should be posed. After all, for those who have any connection with Americana music they weren’t. The thing though is that this is not where The Sundogs’ sound either starts or stops.

Like with most current Americana artists, it is a gamut of influences – here you can add almost anybody from The Byrds (‘Space & Time’)  to any high-flying country-tinged artist like Glen Hansard.

Still, it is not a question of where your influences lie, but how you transform those influences into music of your own. Brothers Haraway and their Sundogs are able to come up with their own, to use that obsolete term, groovy sound, in most cases lined up with some great brotherly harmonies and instrumental backup to match.

All of it places  ‘Embroidered Rose’ as one of the stronger Americana releases by a band this year so far.


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