The Twelve Days of the SXSW Lineup: Seven Slides a-Sliding

The first and second waves of the 37th annual Texan showcase of new music SXSW lineup have been released, and once again, it looks to be the sound of tomorrow. The festival runs a full six days from March 10-19th, 2023 and registration for tickets is open now. You can see the ticket and lineup information in full at

Texas and March may be far away, but the music is always close. Americana UK journos trawled through the 400+ artists to bring you a list of what hot new Americana artists you could be playing next year. You heard them here first. This is day five of a Twelve-part series that explores this showcase; enjoy all of these artists “six gators layin, five rhinestone suits, four open roads, three fresh hats, two bald eagles, and a pardner in a pantry”.

Rose’s Pawn Shop:

This five-beard strong lineup fuses bluegrass instrumentation and folk-rock amplification. Rose’s Pawn Shop has spent more than two decades carving out an Americana sound that’s as diverse as the band’s native Los Angeles. After an eight-year hiatus, the band are returning with their fourth album ‘Punch-Drunk Love‘. Expect upright bass, banjo, and surprisingly well-thought-out lyrics.

Garrett T. Capps:

Calling himself a “space cowguy from San Antone”, Capps has been steadily producing “vintage vibes” out of The Lonesome Rose, the bar he owns in Texas. The new album ‘People are Beautiful‘ was recorded with his band NASA County and is the authentic sound of tex-mex. Please click on the link; it is the best retro website design Americana UK has seen since 1998.


The Garrys:

The fourth album from the three Canadian sisters, ‘Get Thee To A Nunnery’, was described by the bands as: “windswept prairie surroundings, the isolation and decay of rural life, generational shifts in worldview and faith, the soft-spoken beauty of small moments and oft-ignored locales, and making sense of nostalgia for times and places that they never really knew“. Recorded in their home state of Saskatoon, it follows the previous records’ eclectic mix of classic surf riffs of The Ventures, Ennio Morricone’s spaghetti westerns, the psychedelia of Kurt Vile, France Gall’s brand of mod-pop, and the lo-fi garage noir of Los Saicos.

Reilly Downes:

Reilly Downes describes herself as a “sad cowgirl from Chicago“. Music Mecca says Downes is “easy on the ears, but hard on the heart“. Americana UK is looking forward to a sophomore album after the string of singles and the EP ‘Spent‘ that came out earlier this year. Her cover of Chris Isaak’s ‘Wicked Game‘ is a heart-stopper.

Dan Davidson:

Alberta man Dan Davidson is well-decorated. With 6 CCMA nominations, 10 ACMA awards, a gold record, a number 1 selling Canadian song and record, top 20 charting numbers and hundreds of performances is a head-scratcher that he is somehow still unsigned. His second single, ‘Found‘, went gold in 2017! Formerly of Tupelo Honey, Davidson’s five-year career is still at its beginning. Davidson has been recording material for a second album for over three years, and it looks worth the wait if the latest song is anything to go by.

Read yesterday’s selection here:

The twelve days of the SXSW lineup: six ‘gators laying

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