Track Premiere: Danny George Wilson “Can You Feel Me?”

Opening with a cheeky reference to Carly Simon’s biggest hit, Danny George Wilson’s latest single ‘Can You Feel Me?” is at once the expected rocking Americana – almost Neil Youngish in Harvest/Harvest Moon mode, and at the same time throws in some unexpected touches.  Listen, and you’ll see what we mean.  These touches are in part thanks to Wilson’s collaboration with Sussex-based, studio-wizard Hamish Benjamin who has helped to shape the new album.

Oh yeah, that’s right – there’s a new Danny George Wilson album on its way – it is called ‘Another Place‘ and it’ll be out on Loose on 15th October in all your favourite formats (LP/CD), and as a download.  Danny told us this about how the album came about: “A couple of years ago I took over running a record shop…didn’t expect it to be but it was a total revelation, a massive inspiration, a gateway to new sounds and ideas. I met a young producer called Hamish Benjamin at the shop and we recorded a few tracks together and that turned into an album….feels like a left turn for me and that feels good. ‘Can You Feel Me?’ Marries a love of early REM with some sonic experimentation from Hamish.

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