Track Premiere: FBR “Still On The Run”

There’s a strong Indy-Folk feel to the latest song from FBR, perhaps flagged most clearly by the song’s percussive drive and soaring vocals from Malarie McConaha.  FBR take their name from the song by Leonard Cohen, ‘Famous Blue Raincoat‘ and are a duo of McConaha and Tim Hunter.  The pair are attracted to songs that have stories to tell – stories ranging from love and addiction to spirituality and sin.

Tim and Malarie told us about the song – which was written by Tim.  His take was that “Malarie was out one night and I was home, trying to write a love song from her perspective. It was somewhat metaphorical about our early days together, with her trying to decide whether or not to jump in. It encapsulated her wanderlust, our adventures, and how we do our thing against the grain. In a way, it was sort of coming to a realization that we both had been running from something for so long, and were determined to make this work, whatever that meant.”  Malarie interjected that “when I came home and Tim showed me ‘Still on the Run’, I was instantly captured by the tune. I loved the energy it held. As I sat with the song, the lyrics resonated with me, and it helped me step outside of my own mind, to see where he was coming from. It was a strange experience having a song written from my perspective by someone else, to see how he saw my mind and soul.”


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