Track Premiere: Gretchen Peters “When You Are Old”

Photo: Andrew Newiss

Well, today we really have something special for you – a first chance to hear a song from Gretchen Peters’ upcoming album ‘The Show – Live from the UK‘ which will be released on August 19th on Proper Records.  The recordings come from her 2019 UK tour, and feature alongside Gretchen Peters and her band, an all-female Scottish string quartet. This led to the live document being split into a double CD with the first entitled ‘The Strings‘ capturing ten songs  Gretchen and her band performed with the string quartet and CD 2 ‘The Band‘ has eight songs from Gretchen and her band.

Commenting on her new album, Gretchen said: “The whole time we were on the road, I was so aware of the privilege it was to play with these musicians every night. And it was really important to me to document that with this live record. We knew from experience that we would have enthusiastic and supportive audiences in the UK. And that’s, frankly, probably the main source of the energy and the joy that we played withLiving through the last two years of this pandemic, sifting through these recordings which sounded more and more precious to me the further we got from live music, I became convinced that there’s nothing – absolutely nothing – that can replace the magic of several musicians and several hundred people in a darkened room having a moment together.

Gretchen Peters will be back in the UK in August and again in May 2023, find the dates here.

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