Track Premiere: Gypsy Outfit “Pyromaniac”

Gypsy Outfit made use of a pile of vintage equipment to record their new album which carries the suitably retro title of ‘1969‘.   Gypsy Outfit are guitarist/vocalist and primary songwriter, Brandon Maddox and vocalist/violinist Kate Lovely.  They worked with producer/engineer and owner of West End Sound, Tom Tapley, to record ‘1969‘ – working away in Atlanta they lay down 13 songs in just 3 days.

Pyromaniac‘ is a confession of self-destruction – with Maddox singing “I set a  blaze to everything we got” over smooth slide guitar.  Everything goes – possessions, and love: there’s a shimmering final statement of dispassion “she left the black rose on the pillowcase on the day she walked away, and I didn’t even cry.

The album ‘1969’ has been a labour of love for Maddox – these are songs he’s been playing for up to a decade already.  Kate Lovely joined the project in 2017 and began adding fiddle parts to Maddox’s existing originals and the band was born. The pair now write as a duo, playing shows as a full band with the same musicians who played on the record.


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