Track Premiere: King Corduroy “Cosmic Blues Redux”

Photo: Sam Wiseman

If there’s a holy grail of Cosmic American Music there is also, it appears, a secondary object of pursuit – “cosmic southern soul music” a sound anchored by a genuine reverence for the good stuff — including Texas electric blues, Memphis soul, New Orleans voodoo funk, the Tulsa groove and Mississippi Delta blues.  King Corduroy is a singer-songwriter and self-proclaimed “cosmic troubadour” with some UK connections already -he  recorded 3 songs during Americanafest 2019 as part of the Under the Apple Tree video series overseen by Whispering Bob.

King Corduroy’s fourth release, ‘Avalon Ave.’, whose five songs match King Corduroy’s persona – equal parts 1970s-era Leon Russell, Southern rock bluesman, and hippie mystic.   ‘Cosmic Blues Redux’ is a fine mixture of soulful performance and lyrics that draw on his own rambles.  As he says: “It’s all about storytelling.  I go around, I see stuff, and then I report it by telling these stories. There are different types of troubadours who have carried that tradition. Ernest Tubb was The Texas Troubadour. Woody Guthrie was The Dustbowl Troubadour. I’m a cosmic troubadour — The Cosmic Troubadour of Southern Soul.”

King Corduroy describes the new song as, “a smooth and soulful, funky southern storytellin’ number about following the universe deep into the cosmos to find the power and tranquility of humility and empathy…the cosmic blues is not a feeling; it’s a state of mind. Vibe for days, pocket for weeks and a lifetime of Soul that speaks!”  Well, there’s no arguing with that summation.  So, just listen to the band….


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