Track Premiere: Lake And Lyndale “Worth Saving”

Starting in Minnesota, the quartet that make up Lake & Lyndale (that’s singer Channing Marie, guitarist Jonathan Krentz, bassist Eric Clifford, and drummer Tyler Kloewer) had made the move to Nashville a few years ago – back in the pre-pandemic days.  In the pandemic days they found, like everyone else, that gigs were not a possibility and studios also brimmed with problems.  So they took the stripped down approach to their new release, an EP called ‘In the Nude Volume 1‘ which is out on June 25th.

Worth Saving‘ is about old things that can be patched up again.  Old things that you’re fond of – the lucky jeans, the first car handed down through the family.  A relationship, maybe that can be stitched back together again as well.  ‘Worth Saving‘ was written by vocalist Channing Marie and Kayley Hill, and Channing Marie has noted that the song says “that there are times to repair and sometimes to let go.”  For anyone who’s concerned – the old Firebird with its duct-taped headlight still sits in Marie’s parents’ yard.

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