Track Premiere: Max RM “Thinking & Talking”

Max RM’s new music is another pandemic lockdown story.  Max RM is a London-based musician who has spent the past few years writing and playing in bands, studying music at university and composing for Film/TV.  Max RM began releasing his solo work during lockdown in 2020, recording at home using piano, guitar, harmonium, bass and percussion.  His is an introspective path, exploring universal themes such as love, loss, hope and angst. His songwriting is influenced by British and American folk music; he grew up listening to artists such as Bob Dylan, Gillian Welch, Elliott Smith, John Martyn, Nick Drake and Dick Gaughan. Since life isn’t a closed folk box, Max RM also draws on the likes of Radiohead, Bon Iver, Phoebe Bridgers and Andy Shauf.

Thinking & Talking‘ is his latest single, depicting a ruminating inner monologue – he explained that it is about being discontent and struggling to find one’s path in life: “I was feeling frustrated with myself and the world when I wrote this song; expressing these feelings in song form felt like a step towards finding some resolution.”

Recorded at home during the pandemic, the song features backing vocals by Liz Dearsley, acoustic guitar by Jamie Myers and remote mixing by Oli Deakin (Lowpines).

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