Track Premiere: Roxi Copland “I Come From Crazy”

Our second new song for the day comes from Roxi Copland who is refreshingly honest about herself, singing “if I’ve been drinking ain’t that much that I won’t do“.  Rash behaviour all runs in the family of course, Grandpa taught her a lot of things like “how to change a flat tyre” which is great, but somewhat undermined by the further admission that “much more important – how to set things on fire.”  Pyromania, a lot of fun of course but….well, ok.

This is the new single and title track of the Austin based singer/songwriter’s new EP.  It’s a Pandemic EP with a twist – there’s a full band on board for a start, and Roxi Copland says that for the EP she steered her efforts towards simply having fun with music, centering the storytelling, and looking internally to family dynamics for inspiration. “I was focusing on telling a story, whether it was funny, sarcastic, or getting a political dig in, and trying to write to that story rather than coming up with a song and then writing a story to fit.

What’s the story behind this song then?  Well, Roxi Copland told us: “There was a lot of friction among my family members when the Covid vaccine came out — several of them were convinced that taking the vaccine would make you sterile or spontaneously combust, or whatever. Just absolutely nutso stuff. For months I was trying desperately to convince my parents to get vaccinated, and after one particularly heated conversation with my mother, I hung up the phone thinking ‘I come from crazy’. That line made me laugh a little for some reason, and I felt like I either had to laugh or cry at that point. So I went with laughter and sat down at my piano. The song came together pretty quickly from there — I think because I was just pouring a genuine experience that I was actively living out onto the page.

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