Track Premiere: Steady Habits “I’d Rather Be Alone”

A Garbo-esque sentiment for today’s premiere, with a twist of be careful what you wish for irony to it.  Sean C. Duggan, the prime mover in Steady Habits, wrote the song a few years ago as he explains “I wrote this song as an ode to solitude in a time pre-pandemic when I struggled to find time to re-charge. Although nowadays, I find irony in the large amounts of time I’ve spent on my own over the years, missing my friends, family and my band.”

Before forming Steady Habits in the UK, Conneticut  Native  Sean C. Duggan was half of folk/Americana duo Loud Mountains. His new band have played Truck Festival, Elderflower Fields and had a tour in Mallorca. Off the back of their performance at the AMA UK Showcase Festival in Hackney in early 2023, they’ve gone on to support bands such as the dreamy Native Harrow, the rocking Danny George Wilson and will be supporting the awesome Austin Lucas on his upcoming tour.

Songwriter Sean C. Duggan told Americana UK that “The song was originally written for an acoustic performance and for a while, I wasn’t sure if it was fit for our sound. It was only once we tried building on it in the studio that we added this whole new dimension to the song. The lead guitar part, written by Jack Kendrew, was such a game-changer! He really created space for that dramatic build towards the end of the track.  This is easily one of our favourite songs to play in our live shows.

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