Track Premiere: Stephanie Sammons “Billboard Sign”

Photo: Debra Gloria

Stephanie Sammons’ song ‘Billboard Sign‘ sadly draws on her own experiences – sadly since it tells a story of a period of rejection by her family just for being who she is.  It’s a song that can’t help but question why any parent would be so careless of their love for their own child.  The Dallas based singer-songwriter spins a beautiful tale out of it though, wistful and poignant and shot through with truth – one of her songwriting mentors Mary Gauthier is full of praise for Sammons’ new album ‘Time and Evolution‘ of which she says: “a beautiful collection of songs that reflect her diligence, hard work and dedication to the art of song. I am in awe of the deep commitment and focus Stephanie has mustered to create this record, and I am cheering her on as she brings her music out into the world.”

Stephanie Sammons told Americana UK about the song: “Growing up in the South, I was raised in a traditional Southern Baptist home. When I came out to my parents in my late 20s, it was not by choice. They asked, and I did what I was taught to do; I told the truth. My family was broken for about a decade. There was a vast distance between us and much despair. As many of us who are Gen X experienced in those days, it was the norm to be rejected by our churches and families. We also had to live in secrecy for fear of losing our jobs. Over time, my family evolved, and our relationships began to heal. I never gave up on them. We still don’t agree on everything and that’s ok. We don’t fight about it and try to love each other for who we are. There are harmful religious billboard signs all over the U.S. When I saw one that said “Jesus Saves” it gave me a way into this song. I was finally able to sit down and write about the hypocrisy of the evangelical beliefs I was raised on, and my own family story in a way that I felt was appropriate. The damage of being rejected by a parent can’t be erased, and the reality of how much time was wasted is something that I still grieve. The song ‘Billboard Sign’ captures all of this.

Remarkably ‘Time and Evolution‘ is Stephanie Sammons’ debut album release, following on from EPs in 2010 and 2017, and it is out on May 3rd.

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