Track Premiere – The Brookses “Little Miss Raincloud”

The Brookses are a folk duo of daughter and father Meg Brooks and Jim Brooks.  Jim adds the flat top guitar and harmonising vocals, whilst Meg takes the lead on ‘Little Miss Raincloud‘.  The song isn’t inspired by a deep admiration for Roger Hargreaves’ books, rather as Meg explains “I wrote ‘Little Miss Raincloud’ when I realised no one was ever going to write a song about me called ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ – I’d really rather write for myself anyway.  It’s a love song for habitual worriers and melancholy optimists.

The song is the lead single from their soon to be released album ‘Lucky Charm‘ (April 26th) which contains the fruits of the pair’s double whammy – Meg and Jim’s songwriting and their “Blood Harmony“.   Not as vampiric as it sounds, as Jim Brooks explains “I remember when Meg’s voice changed, I noticed something different when we sang together.  The way our voices harmonised–like  the Everly Brothers,  theLouvin Brothers,  the Carter Family – there was something about our voices working together that was completely different from harmonising with anyone else.

Jim Brook has been performing on the music scene in Atlanta for…some time, and his daughter regularly found herself at gigs in clubs where was well under the entry age.  When she showed an interest in making her own music her father, naturally, encouraged this but it wasn’t an easy ride:  “because she’s my daughter, I wanted it to be good,” says Jim. “But as a musician I still had that built-in ‘shit detector.’ You have to be honest with musicians. And I was, honestly, really impressed

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