Track Premiere: The Scarlet Goodbye “Angel Dust”

Press Photo: ©Kathleen Tauer Photography

The Scarlet Goodbye is a Minnesota band that has a “happened by accident” kind of backstory.  Soul Asylum/Golden Smog veteran Daniel Murphy and Yacht-Rocker/Producer Jeff Arundel met via a random encounter in a café on a cobblestone street and from this came a pandemic-worth’s of writing and recording.  It also marked a musical revival for Daniel Murphy – he had dropped out of music to the extent that, he says “in 2012 I sold all the guitars and amps – now I’m busy buying them all back!”  Jeff Arundel adds: “Dan and I have been playing and writing for the same decades, we just never ran into each other. And obviously, we were walking different ends of the musical street.  But we met, and I became intrigued when he told me that after being out of it for 10 years, maybe he missed it. So I invited him to the studio, and it was pretty instantly magical—a mutual collision of suggesting things to each other that the other wouldn’t have normally done”.

The results was an album – the 12 song set “Hope’s Eternal” released by InGrooves/Universal on March 24th, via all streaming platforms, vinyl, and CD.  it’s an album that’s not afraid to mix its rock and its country, or to throw a few power pop moves.

Dan Murphy told Americana UK about today’s song: “‘Angel Dust’ is an optimistic song about relationships and love. I had just completed a class on sailing as we were writing this track, hence the middle eight bridge section being… “ starboard side – cleat the lines and ride, do not fear if you got reservations….”

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