Track Premiere: Theo & Brenna “Be My Baby”

There’s certainly chemistry in the Theo & Brenna and – Brenna is a chemist, and the pair grew up Winchester, Kentucky in a family with ten other siblings, so there’s family chemistry too.  And what would be more natural than a banjo player (that’d be Brenna) and a guitarist (that’d be Theo) from Kentucky forming a Bluegrass band? They assembled the Theo & Brenna Band in 2018, and in 2021 they were honored with an International Bluegrass Music Association Momentum Award Band Nomination. 

Theo & Brenna explained to us why they’d decided to make their own version of this classic song: “The female powerhouse group The Ronettes (and producer Phil Spector) created an all-time great song with their 1963 release of ‘Be My Baby’. Whether you first heard it in a movie or on the radio, pretty much everyone will recognize this song. It’s simply one of the best songs out there and it is always an exciting moment when we get to kick off our version during a live show- what a song! It’s a delight to play, and we have wanted to record it for a long time. Now it is finally here! We hope you love it as much as we do.

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