Two new americana shows hit the UK

Remember the days when you could tune into your radio on a Sunday night and hear Captain America playing 2 hours of back to back americana before bedtime instead of getting riled by the Westminster Hour? Well bask in nostalgia because there’s a veritable plethora (well, two) of americana shows back on their way to the UK.

Firstly, The Americana Music Radio Show is a brand new weekly show about Americana music, including alt-country, blues, roots and indie-folk that takes a UK perspective – UK artists making it big in the US/US acts touring the UK – and includes short interviews and a run-down of the UK Americana album chart. The one-hour-long show already goes out on eight UK and US internet radio stations, with more in the pipeline. You can find the full archive here – and it is also available on Mixcloud here. The host is lawyer-turned-journalist Charles Christian, a  long term music fan who used to roadie for a couple of school bands (and “has a Telecaster he really will master one day”) who in more recent times has been producing podcasts and working as a presenter on UK internet and FM music radio stations.

Also new to television screens is The UK Americana Bar TV show which has been described as “a new family viewing concept built around the growing Americana lifestyle here in the UK and beyond… Top class country and Americana guest artists with a mix of comedy, music and finger-licking good cooking. It’s a simple formula, but one which adds a new and exciting twist to family viewing.” The show has existed on YouTube for some time but will now be making a move to Sky. Sam Millar the presenter/producer says: “It has been a long time coming and the journey has been difficult at times, but thanks to the support of the fans and some trusted friends in the music business, we now have a date to broadcast and it’s on Sky TV. The Americana lifestyle has grown considerably over the past few years here in the UK and now is the perfect time for a TV show to reflect this.”

The show starts on November 3rd 6pm on ShowcaseTV – SKY 192, Freesat 161.

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Steve Goldsmith

The Capt America show you mention was easily the best and even now its still unmatched. Ralph MaClean on radio Ulster has his moments as well (although he seems to have hundreds of “my favourite album of the year”)

Fletcher Avant

I am an American songwriter mainly Country and Southern Rockabilly singer from Georgia, USA and I would love to have you play my music on your show. My wife and I loved when we visited Ireland a few years back and drove through the countryside and visited the different pubs. I’ve just recorded my 3rd album called Macon Music with Friends and it’s due out any day now. Thank you for supporting Independent songwriters/singer like myself and supporting our music. Let me know if you are interested and I’ll send the music.
Thank You,
Fletcher Avant