Video: Ewan MacFarlane “Won’t Stop Burnin'”

On his latest single, Ewan MacFarlane sings: “So please continue with the game I’m so addicted to the pleasure and the glory // This is a rock ‘n’ roll story // And it won’t stop burning.”  And that’s exactly what this is: a glorious rock ‘n’ roll story, complete with a driving rhythm and beat and an infectious vocal melody.  The former frontman of Apollo 440 and Grim Northern Social possesses an outstanding voice for soaring, anthemic songs like ‘Won’t Stop Burnin” and it’s used to full effect here, rising up in style, reminiscent of Tom Petty.  Even the most stable relationships have those irrational, illogical moments when the pressure builds, tempers flare and incendiary arguments take hold.  ‘Won’t Stop Burnin” narrates the story of when MacFarlane and his wife were on their way to a Snuts gig in Glasgow when it all unravelled.  He explains: “One thing led to another, and we ended up having a massive barney. Taking none of my s**t, when the car stopped at the traffic lights outside the subway, she jumped out the car in the middle of the road, told me in no uncertain terms to go f**k myself, and to go to see The Snuts on my own. She then hopped onto the subway to make her way home. This is the story of that night.”

The well-shot, cinematic video, relates directly to the tale of that night and is absorbing, compelling viewing.  By the end of the song and the story, the words show that he loves that passion and there is, ultimately, redemption: “You’re a head strong woman, and I wouldn’t have it any other way // You’re on fire you’re my all time favourite flame.”  It’s upbeat and uplifting, melodic and catchy, relatable and fun.  With all those qualities ‘Won’t Stop Burnin” is a great advert for MacFarlane’s forthcoming solo record, his second in a year.  ‘MILK’ is due to be released on 28th October.  It promises to continue the heartland rock of 2021’s ‘Always Everlong’ and is definitely one to look out for.  Fans in Scotland can enjoy a series of headline dates this autumn; tickets are available here.  Check this out.

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