Video Interview: Dan Stuart on Green on Red, Marlowe Billings and life

Credit: Darren Andrews

From rock and roll songwriter to literary writer.

While they may never have got their record company’s cash registers ringing, Green on Red in the ‘80s helped in their own ramshackle way lay the foundation for what became alt country in the ‘90s, and for this, they deserve their place in music history. What success Green on Red had was based more in the UK and Europe than their US home. Green on Red founder, and only constant band member, Dan Stuart is starting his latest UK tour with Tom Heyman on the 13th of March. In the more than thirty years since Green on Red disbanded, Dan Stuart has released numerous solo albums, the latest being ‘The Unfortunate Demise of Marlowe Billings’. He has also authored a trilogy of novels about Marlowe Billings, who does share some characteristics with Dan Stuart himself. Americana UK’s Martin Johnson caught up with Dan Stuart at his home in Arizona as he was getting ready to leave for the UK to talk about what audiences can expect this time around. Dan was in a very relaxed and reflective mood, looking back fondly on the memories and friendships formed of his time with Green on Red. He also explains that he probably won’t be writing any more songs, rather putting his writing energies into more novels. He also explains that this has meant he can concentrate on sharpening his instrumental skills for his live shows now he is freed from the distraction of songwriting. Finally, he shares his view that his relationship with the remaining members of Green on Red means more to him than the band’s music legacy.

Dan Stuarts ‘The Unfortunate Demise of Marlowe Billings’ is out now on Cadiz-The Cadiz Recording Co.

Dan Stuart Tour dates 2024:

13 March Bristol – Hen & Chicken Tickets
14 March High Wycombe – Kingsmead House Concerts Tickets
15 March Laugharne – Lit Festival  – sold out
16 March Sheffield Greystones   Tickets
17 March York – Bluebird Cafe Tickets
18 March Birmingham – Kitchen Garden Cafe Tickets
19 March Durham – Old Cinema Laundrette Tickets
20 March London – Whats Cookin’ Tickets
21 March Brighton – Prince Albert Tickets
22 March London Betsey Trotwood   Tickets
23 March Twyford Swiss Cottage – sold out evening show, second gig added in the afternoon Tickets

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