Video: LOVE BY NUMB3RS “Colours”

Portland, Maine-based roots-rock exponents LOVE BY NUMB3RS brings together a collective wealth of experience to produce the exquisitely soulful ‘Colours‘.

Colours‘ is the title track from the upcoming EP from LOVE BY NUMB3RS and it powerfully sets out this band’s considerable strengths in pretty much every department. Across the entire track, the playing is nigh-on perfect. It just oozes class. It’s not easy to single out any individual’s contribution but there is some lovely bass playing and some gorgeous guitar lines subtly sprinkled through the excellent, sinewy, soulful mix. The vocals, however, absolutely deserve to be singled out. Anna Lombard has such a rich and emotive voice, and she appears to be able to switch from breathy, sensuality to spine-tingling power in an instant. Her fabulous performance is only one of many reasons to give this track and the band’s forthcoming EP a listen.

The song is about a mother and daughter’s difficult relationship and the lyrics are naked and unflinching. “I been living my life in colors // You made me so blue then I’m seeing red // When the calm after the storm comes // And then gray is all that’s left.”

It’s definitely inspired by r&b/soul music of the sixties and early seventies,” says Lombard, who wrote the song with bandmate Dan Connor. “It is real. It is emotive. It grooves and it builds all the way through the song until the abrupt radio silence after I scream the very last line.”

But there’s more… this impressive trio are not just outstanding musicians and songwriters, they’re also blessed with a fine production design sensibility when it comes to pulling together an arresting video. Utilising their own production talents and the resources and physical spaces around them, they’ve come up with a great video that screams out that you’re looking at a band that’s properly creative in every department.

This is a superb video and an exciting new venture by some very talented people. Check out the link below.

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