Video Premiere: Annie Dressner “Dance We Do”

The latest single from Annie Dressner is a fine example of her conversational singing style and smart lyrics.  In ‘Dance We Do’, Dressner launches immediately into her melodic vocal and intimate, understated delivery, focusing our attention on her message about the nature of unhealthy relationships.  Dressner reflects on what her partner really feels, what is hidden or held back, and explores her own commitment.  She says: “This is a love song about someone who has put themselves out there over and again, but only to be turned down and let down.  There are some people with whom you cannot tell where you stand.”

In this accompanying visual, directed by Perry Hastings, the game of chess symbolises the competition between two lovers.  Dressner explains the theme and the concept behind the video: “‘Dance We Do’ is a love song.  It’s song about confusing, toxic love.  Sometimes love is not straightforward and sometimes it feels like a game, never knowing where you should stand – or if you’re even safe in it. When thinking about how I wanted to visually represent this song, I had the idea to use chess.  Chess is like a bit of a dance, but if you equate it to love, it is a toxic dance – trying to predict your partner’s next move in order to win.  When you’re in a healthy partnership, you want to work as a team, not an opponent.”

‘Dance We Do’ is taken from the forthcoming album ‘I Thought it Would Be Easier’, which is due on 5th April 2024.  With a mix of rhythmic Americana and gentle ballads, Dressner explores love, life, human connections and finding her place in the world.  She says of the album: “‘I Thought It Would Be Easier’ encompasses the theme of the record. I didn’t realise how hard life could be and would be at certain times. I hope that the record will resonate with people. Perhaps they have gone through similar things and therefore feel heard and comforted by the songs. Maybe the songs can express the listener’s emotions that they couldn’t articulate themselves. Or maybe people will just like the way that they sound! I guess I just hope people like the record… I know I do!”  Dressner is a captivating performer and she’ll be taking the new songs on the road soon – details and tickets here.  Enjoy.

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