Video Premiere: Birch Pereira & The Gin Joints “I’m Walkin'”

There’s a fabulous old-time groove to this performance from Birch Pereira & The Gin Joints.  The video of this Fats Domino cover showcases the band’s masterful live performance skills and Pereira’s smooth vocal delivery.  The Seattle-based group are influenced by a range of genres, from classic rock ‘n’ roll to jazz, via soul and blues.  The result is engaging and, above all, it looks like being a member of The Gin Joints is a blast. 

Throughout the summer, Pereira and his band will be releasing a series of 7” singles, each exploring and reflecting a different style that has provided inspiration.  Pereira says of the project: “Not all musicians work in one genre or medium.  I love to write music that feels natural to me.”   Pereira and The Gin Joints take all these American musical traditions and make them their own, whether it’s for their own timeless compositions or for re-interpretations of classic songs.

All the band members are highly skilled but Pereira leads the way with an impressive tenor voice and that ukulele bass – one of the coolest instruments you’ll see in a video this year.  After two well-received albums, ‘Dream Man’ and ‘Western Soul’, Birch Pereira & The Gin Joints are building a reputation as a juke box of American music.  Tap your feet.  Enjoy.

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