Video Premiere: Deray Barboros “Tender Cowboy”

We are delighted to premiere the debut single from Deray Barboros, born and raised in Istanbul, but now active in the vibrant folk and Americana scene in Berlin.  ‘Tender Cowboy’ is a timeless blend of acoustic guitar from Daniel Reid and Cairn McBain, and David Stewart Ingleton’s banjo; together their rhythmic notes sway over Daire MacMaghnuis’s smooth double bass.  The bending, sliding sounds of Davis West’s violin wind along a beautifully tuneful sonic path throughout, adding an atmospheric layer.  Over these classic sounds, Barboros’s voice is gently-hypnotic and her words are equally tender.  The lyrics portray an intriguing character: a cowboy whose heart is pure.  She sings: “He always carry his forty-five // Without bullets inside // Whenever people asked him why // He said ‘he could never take a life,'” words that speak of the contradictions and conflicts in our lives.  Barboros told AUK that the song, “…delves already into deeply lyrical sentiment. We are reminded of tenderness, vulnerability and human kindness which is so often overlooked in modern times.”  Halfway through, there’s an absorbing musical interlude to be lost in.

The Merle Sibbel-directed video takes us right back in time to the wild west, to bar-room card games and whiskey.  It features a mysterious cowboy character, who appears through the scenes, radiating tenderness.  It’s a well-shot visual that also showcases this fine group of musicians having a joyful time playing together – it looks like the recording was a lot of fun and the overall effect is uplifting.

Barboros is currently working with the Famous Goldwatch Studios in Berlin and we can expect her debut EP soon.  ‘The Weight We Carry’ will feature a combination of Americana roots sounds including folk, bluegrass and country with a nod to the great singer-songwriters who have inspired her, such as Townes Van, Joan Baez and Patsy Cline.  Lyrically, Barboros’s songs cover such themes as nature and our relationship with it, and love and its associated heartbreak and vulnerability.  Engrossing stuff – check it out.

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Wow. I love it!