Video Premiere: Elliott BROOD “Out Walkin'”

Here is the latest single from Canadian folk-rock trio Elliott BROOD.  ‘Out Walkin” is an upbeat clap-along, sing-along song that will have you stomping your feet.  It tells a story of a forbidden love affair, ending with the main character on the run from the father and brothers of the object of his affection as the band sing: “He pointed to his daughter and told me that I couldn’t // I promised that I wouldn’t but you know what happened next // Oh my god I can hear em’ comin’ // I can hear em’ comin’ up and over that hill // Oh my god I can hear em’ comin’ // Cursin’ and a runnin’ and they’re lookin’ for the kill.”  The excellent video, directed and animated by Reese Mallon, is guaranteed to make you smile.  The animation is charming and, as with the lyrics, it’s tongue-in-cheek and genuine good fun.

The single is from ‘Keeper’, the band’s seventh album, which is out now.  Elliott BROOD’s music has often been rooted in darker stories from the past – history and memory.  On the latest record, this is more personal and, as the title suggests, it’s focused on ideas of commitment, loyalty and being worthy. The Juno Award-winning trio of Mark Sasso, Casey Laforet and Stephen Pitkin are heading to the UK for a tour beginning later this week in London on Thursday 24th March.  Tickets are available here.  Then, they are looking forward to a series of gigs across Europe, many of which are with The Dead South.  Songs like ‘Out Walkin” are created to be heard live, so check them out if you can.  Enjoy.

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Great song