Video Premiere: Nathan Jacques “Drifting”

Nathan Jacques’ new single, ‘Drifting’, begins with ethereal, sliding notes, immediately engaging the listener in a song that is, quite simply, beautiful.  This is stuff to get lost in.  At over six minutes, the song allows the time and space for the music to build and the talented players to explore their expansive, cinematic sound, demonstrating their considerable skills.  Alongside Jacques’ intimate vocal, the warm bass and gently hypnotic rhythms provide a foundation for the exquisitely haunting slide on the lap steel.  Co-produced  and mixed by Ed Donnelly, the overall effect is sweeping and absorbing, and these sonic currents are particularly apt for the content and title, as the listener is drawn into and pulled through the song.  Jacques explained the song’s themes to AUK: “This song is about feeling lost in a wide-open world with only your own imagination to keep you company. The main character, Loud Mind, sings songs and swaps tales with the man in the moon while being lost at sea. ‘Drifting’ represents a crucial step in finding who you are. Something cannot be found without first being lost and so in the journey of becoming who you’re meant to be, this moment is very important.”

The video, recorded at EastWest Studios in Los Angeles, gives us the opportunity to see the musicians at work.  It’s a great entry-point for the forthcoming live-in-the-studio EP, ‘Live Out West’, which is due out on 30th September 2022.   Jacques says of the new EP: “This live in-studio EP was a chance to showcase where the sound is at here and now since the 2021 release of ‘Loud Mind’. The additional documentary aspect of the filmed EP gives me a chance to clue listeners into what I’m trying to pursue and produce with my style of music and storytelling. I hope it provides a contextual bedrock before we soon continue with another full-length record.  I felt like ‘Drifting’ was the perfect intro to the EP.”  Accompanying the new EP is a 30 minute-plus documentary-style film of Jacques and the band in the studio, providing a fascinating insight into the recording process.

While you’re waiting for the new EP to drop, go back and check out ‘Loud Mind’, Nathan Jacques’ 2021 EP, where you’ll find the original version of ‘Drifting’ along with a host of other intriguing, character-driven narrative songs.  Enjoy.

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