Video premiere: Sleepy Zuhoski “Muscle Memory”

New Texas label, Palo Santo Records is run by Sarah Henry, producer Salim Nourallah and Alex Dezen, singer of The Damnwells and they look like they’re going to be an exciting base for releases on the basis of this, one of their first releases by Sleepy Zuhoski whose album ‘Better Haze’ was released on June 1st and whose Facebook profile says “I’d rather make a folk record with space sounds in it” which can only be a good thing. The track is a cover of a song by Canadian pop-star Lights from 2014 but a totally different take than the original, which was more of a dance number. Sleepy told AUK: “I had been listening to the song a lot because I loved the bleepy-bloopy intertwining arpeggios. I wanted to cover it because I thought it would be funny to do. It ended up coming out really well, so it made it onto the album.”

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