Video Premiere: The Wave Pictures “Never Let You Down”

We are pleased to premiere the latest single from remarkably prolific English rockers The Wave Pictures.  ‘Never Let You Down’ is full of jangling electric guitars and soaring, rich melody.  The voice of David Tattersall (vocals and guitars) is immediately engaging, delivering intriguing lyrics and a memorable, sing-along chorus.  ‘Never Let You Down’ is up-tempo, driven forward by Jonny Helm’s foot-tapping, energetic drums and the listener is swept along.

The song is the third release from a fascinating project: on 20th May 2022, The Wave Pictures will release ‘When The Purple Emperor Spreads His Wings’, a double album on which each of the four sides represents a different season.  In the lead up to the full album release, the band are sharing each side at seasonal intervals, with a lead single and video to launch it and generate momentum.  We have already seen the visuals for autumn and winter, ‘This Heart of Mine’ and ‘Flight from Destruction’ respectively.  Now ‘Never Let You Down’ draws attention to the season of spring.

The video is an absorbing animation, created by Nina Garthwaite, an artist and documentary radio and film-maker.  Beginning with moody, muted images of the natural world – trees, branches, roots, a fox – the video later bursts into life and colour, much like the season it represents.  Garthwaite says of the video: “As a gardener spring for me is half slimy things, half psychedelia so I split my animation task accordingly. ‘Never Let You Down’ feels like the transition to spring. The beginning is more like winter, but with things starting to wriggle around a bit underground. I was pleased to have an excuse to bring back some of the black paint from the last video, letting it slowly develop into the explosion of colour at the end. In the process of creating these seasonal videos I find elements of the previous pieces creeping in in new ways. A return of clouds from the autumn video for example that for some reason at the time I chased with a green pac-man. I cut him from the final version of Autumn (what even was he?) but when I spotted him in the raw material I decided his time had come. He is the greedy seed of spring!”  The song and video certainly reflect the season of renewal, new life and growth.

Check out the distinctive style and sound of The Wave Pictures.  There’s a huge back catalogue to explore but if you’re new to the band, then start here with the first taste of spring.  Enjoy.

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