Video Premiere: Zach Pietrini + McKenna Bray “Keep on Running”

This live recording of ‘Keep on Running’ by Zach Pietrini and McKenna Bray showcases excellent musicianship and the effortless interplay of their fine voices.  Pietrini’s indie-rock delivery combines perfectly with Bray’s pure and resonant tones. The song is built upon a pulsing beat and the warm sustained notes of Bray’s atmospheric keys.  Over these, gorgeous vocal melodies and harmonies are delivered with confidence in an engaging performance.  They say of the song: “‘Keep On Running’ is a slow burn revelator set to earthy acoustics, vibey synths and 80s drums. It’s about the moment you finally see that you have been so preoccupied with the future that you no longer enjoy the love right in front of you.”

The duo have just released an EP, ‘Modern Love’, featuring five new compositions focused on various aspects of love.  When their shared tour was cancelled in March 2020, the pair used their time effectively, collaborating on this songwriting project.  ‘Keep on Running’ was the very first song they wrote together and it was clearly a positive sign of what they could achieve, pushing one another forwards.  Beginning with the beautiful line, “We used to sing just to sing a song,” the lyrics carry a weary sense of nostalgia and resignation.

Memphis-based Bray is known for her roots influences and clear, powerful voice while Pietrini brings a more indie-rock sensibility to their songwriting.  The unlikely combination of styles works well and ‘Modern Love’ is well-worth checking out.  Enjoy.

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