Video: The Attention Seekers “Where the Deals Are Done”

We are big fans here at AUK Towers of the Newcastle-based americana-esque band The Attention Seekers so it’s good to be able share with you today their new song which will worm its way into your consciousness before the outro, be warned. The band’s Alan Fish told us: “A number of years ago, I struck a deal with Connecticut-based singer-songwriter Jesse Terry. I would play guitar for Jesse, and in return, when in the UK, Jesse would join my band The Attention Seekers in the studios. During a recent UK tour we found time to visit Newcastle’s Cluny Studios and record ‘Where The Deals Are Done’ , the latest release from The Attention Seekers, and the result of this mutually beneficial ‘deal’, long may it continue.”

The hook of the lyrics take you on a trip around the world: “You can sail on a great ocean liner, cross the sea on a slowboat to China; Fly on a jet plane, ride on the peace train; Look for gold in the highest of mountains,; Try your luck, throwing coins into fountains; That’s where the deals are done and the battles are won.” It’s a typically infectious piece written by Fish which includes Trevor Brewis on drums and Sophy Ball on fiddle. Alan plays guitars, bass and backing vocals. The song is now available to download/stream via all the usual platforms. The battle has been won we’d say Alan!

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David D Harper

The Attention Seekers got my attention with that wonderfully smooth, referential and polished presentation. Great fiddle, excellent vocal easy on my ears, and I agree with your assessment of them wholeheartedly.