William Poyer “Forgiven”

Spiritual Records 2022

British Roots displayed by Welsh via Mexico singer-songwriter.

William Poyer is a Welsh singer-songwriter who currently resides in Mexico. Having moved there in 2013, he wrote and produced his 2016 debut album ‘Born Lucky‘ in North America. Produced by Archie Sylvester, this new collection of songs was recorded at Mill Town Studios in Wiltshire, at the studio of Ferris & Sylvester. A man who clearly has a lot of air miles. The music of Ryan Adams, Ray LaMontagne, Chris Stapleton and Jason Isbell – folk from both sides of the Atlantic – have inspired Poyer. At times the acoustic guitar that blends into electric blues licks, the soulful organ and vocal harmonies are reminiscent of Manchester indie-folk band Gomez. Mexican-tinged music with a Welshman’s accent is a unique musical treat.  The EP begins with ‘Forgiven‘. It opens with a clean, quiet acoustic sound but bursts into soulful life with a powerful chorus. Traditional outlaw lyrics like “I’ve been forgiven by the law, now I’m asking it from you” clearly fly an Americana flag. If there was any doubt, the second song is named for the most iconic American bird, ‘The Eagle‘. Had he stayed in Wales, the song may have been called “Barnowl”.
The middle of the collection is swinging blues number ‘Lightning‘. Despite being sung through an impressive handlebar moustache, the words are noticeably accented like a fellow from this side of the pond. The collection is not just about vocal talent; it is also an EP that delights with its fingerpicking acoustic and electric blues. In ‘Vincent’s Song‘, Poyer couples ethereal singing with traditional folk guitar lines to perform a simple love song, and as McCartney sang “What’s wrong with silly love songs?“. Finally, the EP concludes with ‘For Yesterday‘, a driving rockier number with piano and distorted guitar. The last line, “I’ll always believe in you“, sung acapella, resonates long after.
At only six tracks, it leaves one wanting more, which is clever. While the collection is a little less twangy and Mexican than Poyer’s debut album, ‘Born Lucky‘, this is a welcome return to British roots, which are equally valid.


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