Zack Logan “Raised by Wolves” (Independent, 2018)

Zack Logan comes from a long tradition of American singer songwriters mining a seam of blue collar, working man’s hopes and dreams. Opening with the subtle finger-picked delight ‘Annalee’ with its gorgeous string backing is reminiscent of early John Prine or perhaps a less care worn Kristofferson. So this is good stuff. It is in many ways a simple album, effective narratives driven by simple guitar lines and fiddle accompaniment, lyrically straightforward but affecting with some gorgeous warm production and a voice built for weaving acoustic stories.

This is Logan’s debut and it can be seen as a clear indicator of a talent that will only grow with time. It will be interesting to see how his songwriting palette expands and what this will do to the nature of the songs he writes, but for now this will do. A real grower with a couple of real earworms in the aforementioned ‘Annalee’ and the title track ‘Raised by Wolves’ plus a heartbreaking final track ‘Distance and Missing You’– lovely!  Worth watching … and buying. 



Nashville based artist’s strong debut signals a new talent

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