Rosanne Cash announces new album “She Remembers Everything” – Listen

We hope you haven’t ever crossed Rosanne Cash, knocked her wing mirror or something, because like an elephant she never forgets and in that form she’s announced the release of her first new album in nearly five years ‘She Remembers Everything’ which comes out on November 2nd on Blue Note Records.  The personal collection features ten songs, all written or co-written by Cash, that “reckon with a flawed and fragile world from a uniquely feminine perspective.” Continue reading “Rosanne Cash announces new album “She Remembers Everything” – Listen”

Track premiere: Pale Mara “Not Like I Used To”

Pale Mara have a new album out in December and preceding that, a lovely new track from it, the couple describing themselves as “blending the beauty of musical tradition with a restless and adventurous spirit”. The band’s Lee Godleski told AUK: “I wrote this song about my father who passed away when I was 21. I almost threw it out, then came back to it a year later. I was staying with my mother in Massachusetts when I began this tune, and it was something of a tumultuous time… I had a dream at one point that my (very stoic) dad was driving around with me in his old pickup truck, and he was speaking to me in a more open and honest way than he ever had in real life. Anyway, the bizarre feeling of distorted memories and nostalgia, the way that love can change over time, and the connections between love and death kind of what were occurring to me.”

Tom Baxter “The Other Side of Blue” (Independent, 2018)

It’s a precariously thin line that the singer-songwriter has to tread. The stripped away, intimate, acoustic guitar (or piano) and voice combination is so omnipresent in folk cum Americana; there are precious few new tricks at their disposal. Much of what they’ve got to offer hangs on whether they’re sincere or not – do we believe them? Or is it just trite and predictable? Where does Tom Baxter lie within this? Continue reading “Tom Baxter “The Other Side of Blue” (Independent, 2018)”

Video: Murphykid “Wolf”

This is a wonderful video for the new single from the debut album Skeleton, out on October 12th, from Yorkshire man Murphykid. Originally recorded in 2004, the reel to reel tapes they were put down on have been rediscovered, restored and released.  And a good thing too because this is a great song: delicate, subtle, hypnotic and quite lovely.

Christian Kjellvander “Wild Hxmans” (Tapete Records 2018)

This album from Swedish singer songwriter Christian Kjellvander comes with a healthy dose of Scandi Noir and thus a warning is required for those of a nervous disposition. If you are in any way feeling low, depressed or just somewhat jaded, it is probably best to find a Smiths album instead. Well, perhaps that is overstating the point but you are very unlikely to strike a jaunty tone after listening to this work. Continue reading “Christian Kjellvander “Wild Hxmans” (Tapete Records 2018)”

Nick Dittmeier & the Sawdusters “Love Me Like You Did” – Listen

Southern Indiana alt-country/Americana outfit Nick Dittmeier & the Sawdusters have announced the October 26th release of their latest LP ‘All Damn Day’ and have released the lead single ‘Love Me Like You Did’ which Wide Open Country described as “heartland rock riffage meets classic country storytelling.” Frontman Nick Dittmeier says of the new record: “I look at this record as a continuation of a lot of storytelling by these writers. Their themes touch on a lot of forgotten people, working-class people and characters that have impossible situations in front of them.”

The Devil Makes Three, Islington Assembly Rooms, London, 14th September 2018

True to their word, The Devil Makes Three appeared tonight in their usual trio guise, the drumming contribution of Sam Amidon, an honorary (and temporary) member of the band who added a rockier edge to their latest and very impressive sixth album, ‘Chains Are Broken’, sadly not present. Nevertheless tonight’s venue was close to its 700 capacity and the band clearly have a good London core of stalwart fans who can identify the songs from the briefest of intros. Continue reading “The Devil Makes Three, Islington Assembly Rooms, London, 14th September 2018”

D.T. Buffkin “Saturday Night, Sunday Morning” (Independent, 2018)

Saturday Night, Sunday Morning’ is the title of, San Antonio native, D.T Buffkin’s newest record and the follow up to 2013’s ‘Tattooed Rose’. Building upon the sonic foundations laid on the debut and, as the title would suggest, drawing from the classic-country inspiration of drinking and heartbreak, Buffkin’s record is 11 tracks of whisky soaked honky-tonk and it is done very well. Continue reading “D.T. Buffkin “Saturday Night, Sunday Morning” (Independent, 2018)”

Ethan Johns announces more UK dates with his canine friends

So the weekend arrives dear readers and we’re in the eye of the storm it seems. An old lady in a rocking chair has just flown past the window. As the Labour Party conference hits us here in Liverpool (welcome if you’re around!) we leave you this week with news that following dates earlier this summer, Ethan Johns is set to return for more UK shows in October with his long standing band the Black Eyed Dogs. Continue reading “Ethan Johns announces more UK dates with his canine friends”