A very happy Christmas to all our readers

Well that’s it for us for this year, which probably feels like a good thing to most of us! Despite the ominous feeling to, well, everything, music was the proverbial slimline tonic which got us through so much of it and hey, we even got a glimpse of it live over the autumn.

In terms of the website, it’s been the busiest year we’ve ever had, and particular thanks must go to our team of Editors, Jon Aird, Paul Kerr, Andrew Frolish, Clint West, Martin Johnson, Rick Bayles, Cam Fraser and Emily Dongray, along with contributors Tim Martin, David Cowling, Alasdair Fotheringham, Gordon Sharpe and all our other writers. But most of all of course we want to say thanks to you, the readers, for checking in with us whether that’s a daily habit or an occasional lurk. It’s nice not to be shouting into the void as it were. From myself, from my cats Marx and Engels (not pictured, it’s a random cat in honour of Jorts) we wish you all a safe and peaceful festive season. We’re back on January 4th – looking forward to a week and a bit of not setting the alarm before that.

Oh and here is my annual posting of my favourite Christmas song of all time. You’re welcome!

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All the very best Mark to you and your family and team x Let’s hope its a good one